Our Mission

We are Kat Novotna & Stijn Mertens. Our mission is to spread awareness about Nature Connection as a tool to improve people’s mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. By slowing down and truly connecting, we have witnessed people remembering their deep relationship with nature which inspires them to take better care of themselves, others and the planet.


Kat Novotna

Kat is an ANFT Certified Forest Therapy Guide and Trainer, Founder of EcoNIDRA™, Chair of the European Council of the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy, Alchemy of the Forest Art Designer, and Co-host of One in Nature Podcast.

Kat’s passion and mission is to help people reconnect with nature, with themselves and others, by focusing on deep relaxation, slowing down, body wisdom, heart intelligence and the relationship between humans and the planet. With her background in cross-cultural communication, Kat enjoys guiding participants and teams from all around the world with Forest Bathing and EcoNIDRA™ sessions and Corporate Wellness Programs – both in person and online.

Stijn Mertens

Stijn is a filmmaker with a passion for nature, sustainability and environmental subjects. ‘Some people say we have drifted away from nature and that we got so disconnected that it is impossible to reconnect, but in my opinion it is a giant leap ahead to take a step back and restore our relationship with nature. This way we also restore the relationship with our nature within. I like to capture that exact moment. The moment that our inner fire light’s up again.

Kat Novotna & Stijn Mertens